President’s word

It is a great honour for me to be able to present this unusual Album – a true flagship of Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu – National Louis University in Nowy Sącz – these unique profiles of our graduates from 1994-2011.

Our university does not require any special introduction. Since its establishment in 1991/1992, we have carved a special place for ourselves in the Polish higher education picture. We were the first Polish university established outside traditional university centers, the only one that based its curriculum and corporate culture on its American partner university. Soon, after five years, we topped the rankings of Polish business universities. We have gradually developed our offer of studies. Apart from business studies, which still remain the best-known part of our offer, we also offer studies in IT, Political Science and Psychology. We have been focusing on scientific research and have already been successful in a great number of projects. We also mark our strong presence in the area of applications – here our flagship project is the idea of the Multimedia City, within which the Cluster of Multimedia and IT Systems functions and the Technology Park MMC Brainville will start its operations in September 2012.

However, the mission of WSB-NLU has always been to educate students and we will remain to concentrate on this goal. Together with our students we have managed to create the atmosphere of a student-friendly university that facilitates development of individual talents and discerns the best traits in every student.

The student life atmosphere, the staff-students relations and the Alumni dedication to our university have become outstanding features of WSB-NLU.

Traditional universities present themselves through the profiles of their scholars and their scientific research. We also have numerous reasons to be proud in this aspect – we have excellent and dedicated didactic and research staff. However, we have always put students in the center of our interest, therefore we prefer to present our university through the profiles of our graduates.

It was a real challenge to pick such a small ‘representative team’ from the 11-thousand population of our Graduates. As such publications have their own rules, we were forced to omit many valuable people. They all professed the ‘let’s be the best’ principle which brought such good results during their studies and is still bringing benefits in their professional and private life. This album presents 58 profiles of our graduates who showed some outstanding qualities during their studies – in science or in students’ organizations and science or artistic clubs. What is more, they were then able to transform these achievements into their professional successes. The WSB-NLU Graduates presented here are still very young people who are only beginning their truly great careers. We are certain that we will hear about them many times in the future.

This Album of Graduates is a special manifesto, a declaration made by WSB-NLU. We show what we believe is the most important thing – the shaping of a new elite whose task is to make Poland and the whole world better.