“You can not be late, even by a fraction of a second. No moment can ever be repeated. ”


A window in an old church vestry in Męcina. Below is a mountain view from The Lomnicki Summit embedded in the clouds. Slighly above is an amazing view of the Tatra mountains painted by a fiery sunrise. This is a side of Kamil, which can show even the well known places in a different, non-traditional way. His pictures are mainly dominated by landscapes interspersed with light, sunrises, sunsets, mist and rays.


In my case, the place of origin was a key influence on my career. I knew I wanted to be in Nowy Sącz, because I have always felt attached to this land – the land of big opportunities. For a person who is actively spending his free time, this place is a true paradise: mountains, lakes, endless bike trails, beautiful scenery and interesting architecture make it so special. My passion for landscape photography and this region resulted in a personal point of view and recognizable style of photography.


WSB-NLU gave him one of the most precious things – the right approach to the world. It taught him how to use his capabilities and look at the problems and their solutions in a variety of ways. Look for different routes and try to follow them, even if it is associated with risk. Try to stay yoursefl and seek original ideas. Shortly after graduating from WSB-NLU Kamil decided to establish his own business related to his hobby – photography. I managed to combine my passion with earning a living and it’s one of my greatest achievements - he admits.


Personal dreams and consistent effort decided on his success. Most of the images are formed in my head. When shooting landscapes and understanding a specific place, I dream about a particular shot, interesting light, clouds or mist. So he goes to chosen locations many times as long as his vision comes true. Sometimes it happens in the first place; sometimes it takes a few years. However, Kamil always completes his goals and tasks. He’s constantly and patiently looking for new and unique shots. For this reason, his home library is full of tourist guides and maps. He believes that the key to satisfaction is working hard and trying to make your dreams come true. For example, getting up at two in the morning and going to the mountains to catch the first rays of the sun. Or going somewhere with a tent or sleeping in just a sleeping bag and anticipating a spectacle that only nature can create. This is also a universal key to happy moments in my life.


He is the author of fantastic photos showing the Polish-Slovakian border, presented in the project depicting common beauty of the land called Southern Little Poland and Northern Slovakia in Photography. He tries to spice up photographic exhibitions and openings in such a way that people do not only remember them as a short meeting with the artist, but also as an interesting journey to unknown places, which are sometimes very close. He plans to release his second photography album this year. The first one, from 2008, was a huge success. At that time Kamil had only 2 years of photography experience. The second album will be more thought through and thematically diverse. I am very pleased that it will be accessible to a wider audience. Further exhibitions will be connected to the new release of his work.


I have a lot further plans … some hitchhiking, more publishing plans and new places to photograph … My dreams are coming true too fast and every now and then I have to look for new ones … ☺


The terms that are close to him are: hard-work, openness, searching for opportunities, spirituality, realism and romanticism.