Galloping Success

After graduating, with Bachelor’s and MBA diplomas in hand she began to work in one of consulting corporations. However, it quickly turned out that it was not her cup of tea. The role of a cog in the machine does not apply to her at all. She needed to “gallop on her own meadow” and to take the reins of success. She gave a notice and together with a friend from secondary school she set up the consulting firm Grupa Tempo. They began with the capital of just PLN 5,000. Currently, Agnieszka manages one of the most dynamically operating personal consulting companies in the region of Silesia. We do not hesitate to call ourselves a special operations group – she declares. We continuously look for new challenges and in the first place we undertake to solve the issues which are insolvable for others.

The first client (Raben Group) chose Grupa Tempo as their Polish HR partner. We were postponing inviting a Raben representative to our first office for a long time – it was quite cold, dark and shabby there. In spite of these concerns we cooperated with them for 2 years. Currently, Grupa Tempo provides services to clients from the whole of Poland, mainly to medium-sized and large companies. The services range from comprehensive recruitment of executive staff, periodical employee reviews, the management by objectives system to exclusive training sessions and integration events, often combined with analysis of employees’ potential (GrupaTempo’s own method). The firm owners incorporate their own hobbies to the last service: Agnieszka – horse riding and skiing, and the co-owner – trekking. Together with a group of GOPR lifeguards they develop extreme scenarios of outdoor events.

  1. Grupa Tempo won a competition looking for consulting companies of the future two years ago and became a certified partner of one of the most creative research and development laboratories. This has resulted in beginning cooperation with one of the most renowned authorities in the field of management by objectives, which has become a permanent element of the firm’s portfolio of services. The firm has shifted from personal consulting to supporting comprehensive organizational development of its clients.

Apart from work Agnieszka has also other passions. The most important one are two kids – Piotrek and Jedrek – and their more and more aware upbringing, which begins with what goes into their tummies and ends with what they enjoy. Healthier and healthier meals discovered every day (because we are what we eat) and limiting chemical additives lead to such “discoveries” as reusable nappies or washnuts. Agnieszka – a businesswoman – enjoys all these things very much and they make her have deep reflections on family and the natural environment. Thanks to weekly trips with the little discoverers, who continuously need creative stimulation, Agnieszka has returned to her passion, about which she had almost forgotten. In the hustle and bustle of work, two pregnancies and discovering healthy cuisine horse riding, which she had enjoyed so much, became neglected. Now it comes back twice as strong because Agnieszka, her husband and their four-year-old son visit a stable again. In winter they spend every weekend in the mountains.

When she mentions her husband she smiles. I have actually experienced all the described experiences with Pawel. We laugh that Rector of WSB-NLU is a foster grandfather of our children because this is WSB-NLU that brought us together. They took this fact into account when planning their wedding. When looking for a suitable place they were seeing landscapes of the Beskid Sadecki Mountains in their minds’ eyes. They eventually chose the peak of Rownica in Ustron, where they pledged their love to each other in a July evening at an open-air altar made of wooden beams.

Currently, her most important goal is to achieve a life balance. After a maternity leave she wants to return to work and to become a business coach and at the same time to look every day at the smiling faces of “little beetles”, as she often calls her sons, to have time for her passions and meetings with friends. She has also a third child in her plans, about whom her husband doesn’t know yet. Maybe this time it will be a small pink girl…?