Mountaineer adequately creative

While receiving an award called REKIN 2009 in the Team Leader of the Year category he heard the following words: “a real mountaineer plays fair”. Tadeusz was born in Zakopane and is proud of his heritage.


After high school he had to make a choice where to study. He considered two options: public universities, though these had troubles adjusting to new realities, or become a part of WSB-NLU. He decided that the second option was the best one because of the following reasons: trimesters, focusing on foreign languages, great teachers, highly qualified personnel and school prestige.


He switched his study paths from marketing to IT while studying at WSB-NLU. He was fascinated by ways in which IT can be used in business. He became “infected” by enthusiasm coming from the faculty and learned the meaning of a saying: “adequately creative”.


The role associated with project management was just perfect for me – he reports. I was able to perfectly fit into a major called Information Technology Network Management as a part of SUM (continuing Master’s degree after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree). I do not attach myself to technology, software or hardware because these elements change too fast. It is important to draw from current technological capabilities we have. He was the first student that defended his Master thesis in the previously mentioned major.


He started to implement the INCA System for a courier company called Servisco. At that time INCA was a pioneering project assuming that, every courier will work using a handheld device. As a result it was the computer that handled all the paperwork making business operations easier. Being able to observe the company from the inside was a very valuable lesson for Tadeusz. He understood how his different decisions influence other people.


WebService was a next company where he became a Manager of Web Projects. At that time he worked for brands like Kubuś Maspex, Fortis Bank, Statoil, Michelin, Purmo, Soraya and Pramerica. This new job brought new work requirements and business environments. Tadeusz had more independence, creativity and responsibility for business decisions.


Currently he works for Infovide – Matrix SA. It has already been six years. It’s a long time for me – he admits with a smile. – However this is what I was looking for. I have a lot of freedom, a competent team, business organization that is client – oriented and I am able to implement projects using the Focus on Customer Value philosophy. The company is constantly growing, and so am I, therefore I have more to do but generally everything is good.


Tadeusz works as a manager responsible for implementation of portfolio projects related to the topic of Business Intelligence. He does that for Telekomunikacja Polska / Orange / Polsat Cyfrowy. The team consisting of 20 people was build from scratch. I am committed to my job and indebted to all those people who put their trust in me and are with me everyday – he says – because my teams makes me strong. At the moment my team is like a battering ram, realizing our clients’ needs in an environment that is rapidly changing. Tadeusz is not the one playing the first violin, he does not flaunt himself, he is only doing his job.


A break from everyday life? One year-old son Bruno, “burning” Triumph, alpine skiing and exploring the charm of old music performed by Jordi Savall.