Human Capital Program

He has been a member of the Polish Hunting Association for the last 20 years and is ranked very high in terms of functions – he is a member of the Supreme Hunting Committee in Warsaw. He was awarded the Medal of Merit for the Tarnowski District and silver and bronze medals in Hunting Merit given by the Supreme Authority PZŁ in Warsaw.


He undertook “subversive activities” while studying in a technical school during the martial law period in Poland. He ran his first business when the Polish economy was transforming itself into an open one in these crucial times. After conducting post-secondary studies in building development in Cracow, he began to work as a construction manager. He did not stop there when it comes to his work position or education level.


In 1990 he began to be self-employed and focused on itinerant trade in industrial goods, mostly electronics. The market was very receptive at the time, but Janusz suffered from a lack of capital. A year later, he and his wife Stefania rented a space, opened an electronics shop in the center of Dąbrowa Tarnowska and founded a company called INTERSAT. INTERSAT purchased two buildings in the center of the city, which were designed for business usage after renovation. The next step was to join the company that won the bid and purchased a large Dom Handlowy Centrum.


Later a problem occurred, because I had vast business experience, but I did not possess the knowledge of economics and management, which is essential to the further development of the company. My plans for the future were ambitious. After a long search and many consultations Janusz chose the School of Business in Tarnów. I had a bit of luck and I managed to get into a school that has met my expectations in terms of quality of teaching, study equipment, and most importantly, a great staff. No one had to encourage me to continue my studies for a Master degree at the WSB-NLU in Nowy Sącz. It was a perfect and natural choice.


Later, he formed a company with another business partner called GL and bought a shopping center, and then built a gas station with a car wash and a restaurant, everything in partnership with BP. Five years ago, a building was constructed, which houses the District Vehicle Inspection Station, as well as a store with automotive parts. Currently, an investment is carried for a commercial building for rent for TESCO. The lease has been signed and this project will be brought to life in mid-2012.


The desire to work harder and be able to pursue business ideas is what motivates me to become successful in the business environment. The key to business success is the perseverance in achieving goals, integrity and consistent, hard work.


After an exceptional defense of his Master thesis at WSB-NLU in Nowy Sącz came the time for self-realization. I came to the conclusion that economic knowledge helps me in running a company and teaching staff at WSB-NLU instilled in me the desire to continue learning. I completed my doctoral studies at the Institute of Economic Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw and I am in the process of writing a PhD dissertation in economics.


My dream was always to build different facilities, create jobs and to leave behind something positive. I think that from all the resources a company has, the biggest asset is a person.