Life writes your script…

Wojtek, Marek’s elder brother, was the first child in his family to show, at the university, that GIBIEC was an excellent brand. He was a very active member of the University Council, which organised a large number of events for students at that time. He was a member of two winning teams in prestigious competitions: the Łódź Enterprise Educational Foundation’s Enterprise Competition and the Global Internet MarketPlace Competition of the University of Tennessee, the USA. Together with Magda Kułakowska and Andrzej Szymczak, he initiated a series of meetings called “Teas with the Rector” and organised for students in the first year at the University.

He wanted to be an architect because he liked creating and designing CAD – putting his ideas and solutions in computer files or on paper. Life went in a different direction. While at high school, by taking part in a competition called IT & Business, he discovered WSB-NLU: the building, the people and the facilities. He liked it that the students could work at the University, for example at the Computer Centre, laboratories or the Information Technology Centre, which provided them with opportunities to earn money to pay their tuition fees. Wojtek worked for the university’s international student exchange office, where he designed websites, among other things. This and the grants he received allowed him to pay all his education expenses.

After the sixth semester, the university accepted Wojtek’s application for an individualised course of study, which enabled him to take up employment at a fast-growing FMCG company while continuing his full-time course. He succeeded in completing four semesters in one year and soon found a satisfying job.

”The university has always provided support to people committed and ready to take on new challenges, and agreed to non-standard solutions,” Wojtek stressed. “I would like to thank Vice Rector Gwiżdż and Rector Pawłowski for enabling me to work and continue my full-time education based on an individualised course of study.”

He talks about his work with undisguised passion. ”Direct contact with the products we consume and produce makes my work in the FMCG business interesting and dynamic. I like looking at products and market novelties on the shelves in shops, analysing entry strategies, prices and competition.” For more than six years, he has been working for Polish food industry companies focused on exporting their products. Frequent business trips and hotel life are not unusual for him. While at university, he began his career in the industry by joining Firma Roleski, where he made his first steps in international business, supervising projects and implementations and discovering online auctions run by international retail chains. Subsequently, he was in charge of brand product sales in selected markets, with responsibility for managing FoodCare brands in Europe. Today, he is in charge of beer sales in more than ten European countries, dealing with products made by five breweries based in Poland and owned by the VanPur Group.

”Since I was a child, I’ve supported Barcelona. I remember the time, in the early 1990s, when the team’s present coach, Josep Guardiola, was a star.In my free time, I practise sports:  skiing and bike touring. I co-organise skiing trips to Italy and Austria. My recent passion, which is taking my free time, is for learning Spanish. In the near future, I hope to meet new people in Spain and I must visit Camp Nou in Barcelona.”