Flow is a psychological concept in which a person is totally committed to life and accompanied by feelings of deep joy and genuine creativity.


Joanna is totally committed to this family project and her job triggers positive energy in her. After years spent working for corporations she was able to fulfill a particular dream: to create something from the ground up that is independent and valuable. She links her future to the development of ELIPS Support Center for Child Development, which she founded with her husband. The company specializes in neurological diagnosis and improving early development of infants. The service offers an extended range of different therapies for children from one to 15 years old. Employing an interdisciplinary team of 20 experts – ensures Joanna – creates an environment focused on comprehensive patient care. This is also reflected in everyday business activities in order to achieve superior results. Gained experience and a developed brand allows the company to expand into the local market. Patients’ interest in our service, measured in constant growth records and the “traffic” on our website, provides a basis for thinking about business development by opening new branches.


As a child, Joanna was fortunate enough to meet Prof. Krzysztof Pawłowski, who was in the Catholic Intelligentsia Club and organized language camps for children. Every summer holidays a group of people was leaving together with “Uncle” Krzysiek to Kamionki, Ochotnicy and other places in order to learn, explore the world and soak up life values. To this day, I am full of admiration for the willingness, determination and selfless work that Prof. Pawłowski put into developing youth in these difficult times, where even access to food was limited, and “Uncle” could conjure up a bit of luxury, like Twix candy bars.


When Joanna found out that Prof. Pawłowski was opening a business school, it was obvious to her that she would become a part of it. Faith and trust in a man who has proven that if you believe in something, you can achieve it, influenced both her choice of college and career. What did studies at WSB-NLU give to Joanna? Self-esteem – a small number of students in the early years of school existence made everyone feel like important individuals, contributing to a new business school in Poland. Sense of sharing knowledge – it was during the very first year when Joanna began to earn money by giving English lessons. A sense of independence – it was all about leaving for summer internships to Warsaw, which allowed her to understand the world of business. In the end: classes with American professors of economics and marketing that gave her a chance to look more broadly and find unconventional solutions.


Joanna was working for PAIZ and this experience helped her to gain more knowledge about foreign investors that plan to enter the Polish market. After graduating from school she decided to work for an American corporation called Pepsi. This period of work was very valuable in terms of understanding management, sales and market issues. Later on she gained more knowledge in other business sectors like banking and home decoration. All this to be able to go back to Pepsi with a better business perspective and become a part of the management team and open her own company called ELIPS.


I am a woman of action and this makes me work harder. I like changes and never give up. I feel that by doing things that have measurable results and are socially valuable, I give my life a meaning.


Only then can you experience the concept of flow - when you take charge of your actions and are able to control your own destiny. You need goals to be able to feel happy. They give meaning to life.