Move it, move it!

“Move it, move it!” This is how Igor Karliński is interpreting the words of the most famous manager in the world, the one responsible for the mighty General Electric. Jack Welch, just like Igor, used his intuition and unconventional methods of management to multiply the value of products he has been selling.

WSB-NLU has rewarded Igor for his great study results by sending him to United States. For half a year, he had a chance to study business management at DePaul University in Chicago. Because of the cooperation between these two schools, he did not pay a penny for his American education. He also received a scholarship from the Kościuszko Foundation from New York. After passing his exams, he worked for C.H. Robinson, one of the biggest logistics companies in the world. After he came back to Poland, he became a manager at Cermika Paradyż and focused on sales and export. The dynamics of exporting the products to foreign countries was very promising. In two years we were able to raise its level about a hundred percent – he recollects.

Those days he met his friend, Dominik Kopera, whose father bought out Emalia, a Polish company from Olkusz, which was on the brink of bankruptcy. Emalia was known as the producer of kitchen utensils and equipment. The company was not in the best shape. The 1990’s were the times when people lost interest in enamel products. Stainless steel became very popular. We decided together that there is a chance to succeed at exporting these products. This is how Igor became a manager and later on the export director. A healthy food trend was also helping them to succeed more. Enamel pots were a great product. This is why we started to look for clients in Turkey, Denmark, Finland, USA, Germany and France. I was also looking for them in the Near East. And this is how, the public company, which was on the brink of bankruptcy turned into a profitable, private one.

After five intensive years in Emalia, he decided to change his job. He started to work for KOELNER SA, a stock listed company from Wrocław. He became the CEO of KOELNER CZ, the sister company from Czech Republic. The business condition was not so good. After two years the company became restructured, distribution channels undergone major changes, entire sales department was changed and as a result the company became very successful in its field. This Czech adventure became a way to work in Zilin. Currently, the board of KOELNER SA has accepted a project recommended by me, which focuses on creating KOELNER SLOVAKIA – he talks about this opportunity with excitement. – The company became registered in the end of 2011 and is currently opening to the world. I have become the CEO as well, focusing on recruitment, creating sales strategies, and negotiating with clients. J. Welch’s rule of “Changing yourself before you will be forced to,” will be very useful in this business environment.

During my conversations with clients I use the knowledge I received while studying, especially the one concerning cultural differences. I also rely on the knowledge of foreign languages – he says. Igor also gained many friendships at WSB-NLU. He clearly remembers playing football with Stanisław Kwiecień. During winter he still visits his friends in Nowy Sącz and goes snowboarding on the weekends. I have wonderful time with Wojtek Gieniec, Przemek Jaworski and Tomek Worobiow. We go nuts while spending time on the snow and reminiscing about the great study times. His other ways to relax are motocross racing, mountain climbing in Kilimanjaro and going for ship cruises around the Adriatic and the Caribbean Islands. His next plans are to reach Mont Blanc and take part in a transatlantic voyage. And everything based on the sentence: “Move it, move it!”.