A scientific soul

He is into business of corporate Finance and IT system integration. However his origins in entrepreneurial family convinced him to quit working for a corporation and start his own business. I had chosen WSB-NLU for three reasons – said Tomek – firstly excellent university as the WSB-NLU was placed highly in rankings and still has strong reputation, secondly it is located in a town as I dislike big cities, thirdly farther than 200 km from home as I needed to learn independence.

WSB gave also a chance to develop scientific inquiry. Despite of not being typical research facility Tomek could attend and even conduct seminars due the fact that they took place much more often than in other Polish universities. This fact was not overlooked and Tomek received various scholarships including scholarships by the Ministry of Education, Kosciuszko Foundation and Educational Enterprise Foundation. Tomek was not limited to science only. He is remembered as the founder of the debate club as well as organizer of national and international debate tournaments. He became national coordinator of debate program of Junior Achievement Foundation. He was also a part of student exchange program with DePaul University, Illinois that helped him to further his career in USA.

His professional career was started with conducting lectures at a university and helping in his family company. His next step was starting his PhD in finance at Southern Illinois University. His achievements were recognized with scholarships and a chance to lecture. His specialty is risk management and derivative securities. Even before defending his dissertation he returned to Poland and started his career at McKinsey & Company where he was dealing with financial side of large projects mainly concerning M&A. After completing several projects he decided to move forward and set up his own company that is dealing with IT implementations. At the same time he became and editor of a quarterly magazine ResPublica Nowa. Since then he is regularly publishing at various electronic and traditional media. Current list of publications can be traced at www.linkedin.com/in/kasprowicz

How did he sum up his achievements so far?

I do the things I like with people I like – which for me is main criteria of success. My main driver is an interesting problem to solve. Curiosity and analytical mind are the traits that define me on intellectual level. Instead of planning I decided to focus on finding interesting opportunities that lay ahead.

He is a bookworm and numismatist and would define himself as a scientist – despite not being professionally one. His definition changes however as hi is to become a father and this is completely different level of challenge.