Dancing through life

“An opportunity to fulfill dreams makes life so rewarding.”

Paulo Coelho


The magic of Nowy Sącz, its charm, mountains and lakes were the reasons why she settled there for three years. During my stay at WSB-NLU I became friends with many interesting people. I hope those friendships will last forever – says Ola. – My beloved grandmother comes from this region, so I felt her presence around me while studying here.


Ola has always engaged herself in the life of her Alma Mater. She was active in many student organizations, created an English-language “Ampersand Magazine”, student’s radio program CampusFM, did projects for AIESEC and used this valuable time to conduct various internships. She received scholarships from the University because outstanding grades and also graduated with honors from the English track. One of the biggest study highlights was an opportunity to participate in a year – long seminar called “Leadership In Modern Times” under the guidance of Prof. Krzysztof Pawłowski.


After graduation, she continued her education in Beijing. China is a melting pot – she reports – which is friendly to many people. It is easy to gain valuable knowledge while developing personal networking. While undertaking a Master of Arts degree in Global Business Journalism she had a chance to collaborate with China Radio International, which broadcasts to more than 50 countries around the world. She gained lots of experience, insider tips and knowledge while working in the Polish department of the radio, where she was responsible for feature articles, interviews and commentaries on everyday events. She was a reporter and columnist for the leading Polish magazine “Wprost”, Business Department of the Polish Radio Program Channel 1, “Dziennik Polski” and Radio Galicja. As if there were not enough of these engagements, she also worked as a data manager at International Data Corporation, and as an English teacher in many language schools in Beijing.


Currently a new career chapter is facing her and she hopes that it will turn out to be successful. Ola is in the process of opening her own language school. Education received at WSB-NLU helps her to develop business wings. She is now working in marketing and customer acquisition for an English language learning center called Fluent English in Beijing. She received appropriate English language teaching and lecturing certificates. CELTA is awarded by the University of Cambridge in the UK and recognized all over the world. TEFL is useful in motivating students to learn and provides valuable knowledge and understanding of teaching methods. Her school will be aimed at students who want to expand their English language knowledge and to those who depend on the usage of other languages, such as German, Russian and Spanish.


I do not like to sit in one place and have nothing to do – she says – I have proved it many times while studying in Nowy Sącz, where I got involved in many new projects with passion. I’m not afraid of change; I quickly acclimate to the new environment and make friends. I like challenges so that is why I decided to come to Beijing. In the future I plan to obtain PhD studies in the United States. I want to tie my future with a renowned university, preferably from the Ivy League, and expand my knowledge in the field of consumer behavior, especially understanding how children perceive economic concepts.


Moreover, Ola was successful in the field of ballroom dancing, obtained many dancing levels, participated in a variety of tournaments and training sessions. She took this passion to Beijing where at Tsinghua University she became part of the dance group as the only person from abroad. It was a great honor for her. To this day, she recalls many pleasant moments spent dancing and training with her Chinese friends.