Depths and heights

“To work well means work better” from a movie by Stanisław Bareja.


He thought about working as a computer programmer, but in the last moment he heard an interview with Rector Pawłowski where he suggested studying business and finance. WSB-NLU had interesting advantage over the other schools – it was the fact that it was one of the furthest places from Szczecin. In addition, the proximity of Nowy Sącz to the Beskid mountains was very tempting therefore Krzysztof eagerly took an advantage of mountain climbing opportunities and adventures. He experienced all that with the members of Sądecki Caving Club. Cave mountaineering teaches you real character and SKTJ is an evidence of how much can be achieved through consistent work. During my studies at WSB-NLU our club attempted to explore the Little Cave in Tatra Mountains – at that time it had a depth of 5 meters, and the idea that the 5 meter lead somewhere deeper seemed like a good joke. This exploration has proven to be one of the greatest discoveries in the history of cave mountaineering in the last few decades – Mała in Mułowa is now 555 meters deep. I was in this cave just before the discovery of its deeper paths.


Since the beginning of studies Krzysztof was fascinated by stock market and investments. He did an internship in the department of currency risk of Szczecin Shipyard Porta Holding SA. It was there that I saw on a Reuters screen the September 11, 2001 attacks and I also had a chance to practically understand more complex financial instruments and the functioning of the foreign exchange market.


Krzysztof worked as the director of business development of foreign markets at XTB from 2006 – 2009. During this period, as director of branches in the Czech Republic and Spain, he helped to create and develop first foreign-based branches of Polish brokerage houses. Previously, he held various management positions at X-Trade Ukraine, operating in the eastern market. He worked in Warsaw, Kiev, Prague and Madrid and published daily commentaries and analyses of foreign exchange markets in the most popular financial portals, as well as in “Gazeta Prawna” and Radio PiN. He is a licensed securities broker. He currently serves as vice president of the company HighSky Brokers, a.s. which is a Czech brokerage house that offers an opportunity to invest in foreign exchange markets (FOREX), commodities and stock indices using the electronic trading platform.


I am far from calling these events a success so far – generally flexibility and curiosity about the world are required in this type of financial and business behavior. Knowing, understanding, implementing and coordinating issues in many areas at the same time is very important. We need to focus on issues related to investments, analysis of financial markets and the economy, marketing, sales, finance, accounting, law and foreign languages. He achieves motivation by using opportunity to work with people and for people, seeking and creating new, more efficient solutions, and gaining new experiences. Krzysztof has far-reaching plans: HighSky Brokers, a.s. achieving a strong position in its sector in the European Union and expanding its influence on other continents.


Traveling is his hobby, which resulted in a fluent usage of several languages: English, Russian, Czech and Spanish.