Live your Dreams

A nocturnal panorama of the old city of Dubrovnik? The harvest moonrise over the Opera House in Sydney? A fabulously illuminated Tower Bridge in London?

Victor has visited over 50 countries photographing some of the most interesting destinations in the world. He leverages his passion for photography to collect money for various charitable organisations. In the very first year, I collected over US$5,000 and I have ambitions to raise this number again he admits. His photographs can be viewed on

He is constantly in the pursuit of goals and as long as he remembers, his dream was to become an international businessman. While studying, and throughout several internships at various companies, he decided to develop himself towards a career as a business consultant, because in this role he saw the greatest use for his knowledge and experiences gained earlier. He chose a specific path of development and education, to enable the pursuit of a career as an international consultant, today advising very large organisations in the implementation of their business strategy and corresponding technology solutions.

Though his origins are Polish, he grew up in Germany and lived in the United States and Australia. All of this experience influenced his decisions to start his career in Melbourne.

A titan of work, he decided to study in Polish, even though he barely spoke the language, and despite the alternative to acquire his knowledge at WSB-NLU in English. He decided to fully understand his roots and simultaneously get to know one of the largest Eastern European markets. In Nowy Sącz, he developed relationships and close friendships with many people with whom he is still in touch today.

He started working at the age of 13 and, by the time he reached 21, he worked in the Office of the CEO in Germany’s largest Human Resource Strategy Consultancy firm and later as a Business Consultant at SAP in Walldorf, Sydney and Melbourne. He has been working at SAP for over eight years, where he is now a Senior Value Engineering Consultant advising clients in Australia and New Zealand on how to most effectively implement business technology to maximise the Return on Investment while enabling the business strategy. Often these business transformations are very costly, highly complex and multi-year programs.

I advise and drive the development of the business case and investment justification for the C-Level Executive, Owner or the Board of Directors. To date, I have successfully supported the investment decisions of  well over US$1.5 billion.

He believes that professional success is based on the never ending desire to develop onself further, the hunger for eduction, on honesty and integrity towards your colleagues as well on the ability to work together in teams. It gives him great pleasure to see earlier developed strategies materialise at the customer site enabling the organisations to function more competitively, which in turn often impacts the well-being of the employees.

For the past two years, he has been a member of  „SAP’s High Potentials Group”.Presently he lives in Singapore, where he moved to for a six months on a development program branded „SAP Fellowship for Top Talents” pursuing a different role. As the Industry Principal for Life Sciences, Im currently responsible for the business development across the Pharmaceuticals, Bio-Technologies and Medical Devices industries covering the the whole of Asia-Pacific and Japan region. Within 10-15 years, I plan to develop into an independent and highly valued business advisor for Top Executives and Board of Directors for large international organisations.

Few years after his graduation, Victor was persuaded to write a few articles under the title „Live Your Dreams” for the English-language newspaper WSB-NLU „Ampersand”. It was a unique kind of a colourful and highly motivating guide on how to most effectively use one’s time during university to prepare for a career.