High Revs

Everything he does in his professional and private life is driven by passion and engagement.  My hobbies, motor biking and motorsports, are a good example – he says.– I am not only “knee-dragging” on my motorcycle, and in the past competed in a Polish ¼ mile drag racing championship series, but I also hope my little boy is going share the same passion in future.  Maybe someday I will be blessed to see him on a winners’ podium.  I will be a proud retiree then, but with my soul still running on” high revs”!

Wojciech comes from a well-known doctor’s family in Krakow, so it is not a surprise that as a kid he wanted to become a surgeon.  He was always fascinated by complex structures, such as human organism or…markets and enterprises.  This is why he finally decided to study business.  Rector Pawłowski created a unique studying atmosphere back then, he opened our school for global opportunities, and inspired our students with an endless appetite for success and self-improvement – he remembers.

Above all, study time in Nowy Sącz has taught him to respect the team work.  You can be the best professional in your field, but you need partners to successfully complete very complex initiatives.  Studies also made him realize how important it is to use modern technologies to support business processes, which became one of his key professional development drivers, and helped to gain experience not only in finance, but also in other domains, like sales, logistics, production, and procurement.  Very often, the key to innovation and improvement lays in the understanding of “behind the scenes” processes, and this knowledge can be gained in the easiest and the quickest way from existing information systems.  Studies also allowed Wojtek to picture how the best Global enterprises are running, thanks to a significant focus on case studies and access to a unique, at that time in Poland, electronic library, hosting articles from leading business periodicals.

Right after his MBA studies he started to work for Goodyear Dunlop in EMEA, first in Poland for TC Dębica, and from 1999 for Goodyear Dunlop Tires Operations in Luxembourg.  During his 14 years at Goodyear Dunlop, he maintained a high career development pace, with promotions every two years or so.  Thanks to this, he was able to gain a comprehensive knowledge about the tire industry, working not only in finance roles, but also leading strategic IT departments, such as the European SAP Center of Excellence.

Tire industry is a tough business – high level of competition, high level of technology very rarely appreciated by users, low margins and a wide range of cheaper substitutes from Asian sources.  This is a tough school of life for passionate and challenge-driven individuals, which perfectly suits me – he says about his work. – My professional self-realization also comes from developing people:  I’ve created several successful teams, one of them being a start-up in Poland, and many of my reports or mentees have been awarded by the EMEA region president.  However, I’m always the happiest when I can reach the right work-life balance.  Arrival of our first-born son Alexander forever changed my perception of the World we live in.  After surviving the first night, taking care of this infant, I concluded that there are no business challenges, which are more difficult than being a dad.