Brave Warrior

She wanted to become an artist, paint everything in colours and create a happier world. Transfesing ideas onto paper or canvas was not enough, she wished to implement them in the real life so as to make the world more beautiful.

I was born and raised in the Sądecki region. I could see the WBS campus from the windows of my grandparent’s house.  “What is in that tall building?”, I asked my grandfather once.

He told me that it was a place where business people study. I decided that when I grow up I would like to become a businesswoman and work in a skyscraper.

In the senior year of high school, she came across a piece

of information on the website of WSB-NLU about a pilot scholarship program offered by the Wasie Foundation. The Foundation wanted to sponsor studies for several students at WSB and

a year-long stay at a partner National Louis University in Chicago. Kinga was granted the scholarship, which she considered a sign of destiny.

The school provided her with opportunities to act and developed leadership skills. It has inflicted her with hunger for challenges while the professors inspired her with a variety of ideas. From the very beginning, Kinga was actively involved in students’ life and put even the craziest ideas into practice. During the holiday season of her first year at WSB, she transformed the hall of building C into a winter wonderland. Her entire family was engaged

in the process of manufacturing the decorations and their living room was converted into a production floor. Kinga organised the Very Short Movies Festival and was a member of the Student Council. She was engaged in the Academic Entrepreneurial Incubator “Intender” as well as an English-language magazine “Ampersand”.

I am most proud of the fact that together with Tomasz Oćwieja and a group of friends, we organised the first Bone Marrow Donors’ Day in WSB-NLU, she admits. Volunteers who took part in this action have already saved several lives. This event was particularly important to me as it was closest to my urge to improve the world.

A name after a benefactress of the Sądecki region, St. Kinga, gives her strength, perseverance and courage in the battle for realisation of dreams.

Upon completion of studies she was lucky and honoured to become a scholar of the Capital Market Leaders’ Academy organised by the Lesław A. Paga Foundation. Thanks to that scholarship she worked for the Strategy Department of PZU (a leading insurance group in Central and Eastern Europe) and soon afterwards for PZU’s foreign competitor. After a six-month internship

with a global insurance company MetLife in London, she was promoted to International Marketing Executive, and after next seven months she became a consultant for Europe, Middle East and Africa region. From a glass skyscraper she has the River Thames and the City of London in her view.

The most valuable lesson after leaving the university was that life cannot be planned, says Kinga. The fact that I work at a financial institution that sells life insurance which is “protection for the future” and “peace of mind” seems ironic, because I consider myself a risk-taking person. I have dreams larger than life and naive faith that the fortune awakens only those desires that are possible to fulfil. In my private life and professional career, questioning the status quo and proving that things can be done is what gives me most satisfaction.

What about the future? Maybe getting an MBA degree from one of the world’s leading business schools? Time will tell whether this dream can come true.