More accurate than Excel

“You should not underestimate the little things, because they are the basis for perfection.” Michelangelo


Her dream came true when she got into law school, but… later she changed her mind and decided to study political science at WSB-NLU. The main factor that helped her make this “crazy” decision was receiving a one – year scholarship. As it turned out, kept on receiving them throughout her entire study in Nowy Sącz.


Studies at WSB-NLU helped me understand the world that surrounds me and processes occurring in it. I discovered what interests me and what I like to do – says Marta. – What is more, this study period was full of interesting experiences. I was able to focus on volunteering, become a member of the Student Council and Faculty Council and take part in many projects organized by my department. She was also able to take part in the Socrates – Erasmus program in Riga, Latvia. Marta studied abroad for half a year and was able to learn more about different life conditions and systems of education. It became one of the most important experiences in her life.


She is an assistant in the Department of Political Studies at WSB-NLU, where she teachers courses about contemporary political systems, political thought and political geography. Although this is her first job she lived up well to the task of teaching people that are older than her and have a lot of experience in public administration.


I am person that always wants to grow – she admits – Doing classes for my students requires me to expand and upgrade my knowledge on a daily basis. I am open and tolerant towards others and that helps me in conducting discussions with my students and listening to the ideas as well as arguments. I was able to overcome some of my limitations, for example feeling shy. In addition working as a teacher allows her to conduct scientific research. One of the projects she was involved in dealt with creating a database of public administration in Poland. Another one is about Nowy Sącz in the 1990′s. She likes to analyze therefore creating databases gives her lots of pleasure.


One of Marta’s goals in the future is to write a doctoral thesis about voting trends and behavior of voters in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.


Tolerance, empathy and perfectionism are the words that describe her. Working hard and being diligent are a basis for many anecdotes about her. Following is a personal opinion of someone from the Department of Political Studies: During undergraduate studies Marta examined voting behavior of all municipalities in the Nowy Sącz area during all democratic elections. This kind of data has more than 10000 records! Her appetite grows while eating – Master thesis dealt with analyzing several post – communist countries from the former Eastern Bloc. Currently she is working on doctorate thesis regarding voters from all cities of the Visegrad Group. Microsoft will have to improve Excel when the time comes for her thesis defense.


There is another story connected to her Bachelor thesis. Perfectionism and love of order meant that Marta copied thousands of election results from the Internet to her notebook by hand, instead of entering them into an Excel spreadsheet. This action was obviously very time-consuming and probably quite tedious, but allowed her to have control over the data collected by highlighting them and selecting appropriate colors for subgroups. Conclusion: Marta trusted these carefully prepared tables in a notebook more than a computer program. But after a while she trusted Excel, and since then it became her best friend.