The journey matters, not the destination point

Everything is possible, moreover, the less the money one’s got the higher the chance he’ll get there- he learnt during the studies in Nowy Sącz. Bartek was one of the initiators who launched the activities of the European Students’ Forum- AEGEE. In cooperation with Dalarna University, a Swedish school, he established the summer university program for foreign students. Thanks to the international experience he gained, he realized that the gap between Poland and the world leaders is much smaller than one could have expected.
The first contract he signed was an agreement with one of the global leaders in consulting. He was involved in an international research project on law-making in Poland. It was supposed to be an interesting project that lasts few months. The project turned out to be one of the most important initiatives of Ernst & Young in Poland. After two years of research experience, Bartek was nominated to become the project manager of the Ernst & Young Better Government programme. The aim of the programme is to initiate and support activities that lead to the improvement of the functioning of public institutions in Poland.
After more than six years of his involvement in the Better Government program, Bartek decided to join the National Bank of Poland.
One of the main motivating factors to work is the belief that I do the right job. Furthermore, I believe that professional satisfaction is not possible to achieve against fulfilment in personal life. In my case the ‘tangible’ outcome of work allows me to implement the big dreams, those related to family, and the smaller ones- those related to the motorcycle passion. The motto of my trips is that the journey matters, not the destination point. My dream is to travel eastward – first to Georgia through Turkey, and in the future I would like to get to India on two wheels. Of course with the permission of my family – he adds with a smile.