Ideal Sound

Even though Przemyslaw was taught to be a professional cello player since  he was young and played in a university symphonic orchestra, his real life profession is to play business. There are similarities in business and in the orchestra. In both cases harmony and ideal sound must be achieved.

“Experience gained from the music school were invaluable at the university as well as at work. I had to become accustomed to traveling often because we played many concerts. Moreover I had learned to perform beautiful music and to fight pressure and stress which comes to every musician while playing at well-known concert halls. During my studies of the cello, I had the opportunity to take private lesson from master cellist, Yo-Yo Ma. Playing the cello at the music school taught me two more opposing skills: cooperation and competition.”

After playing the cello for more than twelve years, Przemyslaw resigned his professional musician goals. He made this decision during his senior year at an American high school. He had been attending school in the United States through an exchange program which had been introduced to Poland after the fall of the so-called iron curtain. This decision for the young teenager was not easy. He left his family and friends so he could study at that American high school in California. However, this was in tune to the harmony of his lifestyle. In order to be successful, one must be ambitious, work hard, and take risks. “At the high school in California, students were learning about economics and political science. I was very interested in that matter. Every beginning is not easy and it is with the support and great kindness of the Hansen family that I was able to overcome the difficulties of living abroad,” Przemyslaw recalls with warm feelings. “Wes, my American brother, and I had great time with each other. I will always remember that he was taking me surfing everywhere in the greater Los Angeles area and even Hawaii.” After graduating from high school, Przemyslaw started studying economics in Irvine, CA. After a year he decided to exchange his surfboard for a snowboard in Nowy Sacz.

Przemyslaw attened WSB-NLU in Nowy Sacz. “That university just completely sucked you in! One started the day really early in the morning and finished late at night. All your time was spent with extracurricular activities. We were opening more and more new students clubs, organizing conferences, training with some skiing, and taking part in national and international competitions.” Przemyslaw and his teammates, coached by Mr. Witold Wilk, won the International Market Place competition. “We were taught practical skills such as negotiating, presenting, and quick decision making—everything that is needed in the real business world.”

After his studies Przemyslaw was working as a marketing coordinator for a production company in Poznan. After a while, he decided to return to the United States and worked for Indiana Botanic Gardens—one of the largest mail order supplier of dietary and over-the-counter supplements. At the beginning he was responsible for Internet sales. Due to changes that were implemented, the Internet sales increased seventy percent. Within a short time he was nominated for a director position of international sales. He composed the legalization and exportation of dietary and OTC supplements to South America, Africa, Asia and Europe. He managed to achieve all of this before he was twenty-nine years old. Przemyslaw was the youngest director at the company.

Przemyslaw was traveling extensively. Part of the time he spent in the USA and part time in Poland. However according to Seneca, the world’s harmony is made up of contradictory elements. The money earned at Indiana Botanic Gardens allowed him to achieve perfect pitch. “Since I graduated from the university, it was always a dream of mine to run my own company.” The dream came to fruition when he bought a majority share at SILVAPOL S.A., which is the leader in forestry supplies in Poland. Holding the position of CEO, he created the orchestrated the creation of the largest outdoor center under the company motto: “For those who love nature.” The outdoor center is 1200 m2 and sells fishing, hunting and sailing equipment besides forestry equipment. In addition there is an educational center for all newcomers. For now Przemyslaw lives with an active, melodic tune. He enjoys the harmony between his business and his hobbies of fishing and hunting. Przemyslaw was introduced to hunting by his father and looks forward to passing down the tradition to his children. With his wife, Ola, Przemyslaw created three beautiful counterpoints: Sophia, Jacob and Julie, all of whom he enjoys spending time.