I like to be the number 1

“By not becoming better, you become worse.”


When he was growing up he wanted to become a hockey star like every person from Nowy Targ. Later, when Łukasz was a grown up (as he thought), he was inspired by mainstream movies like “Working Woman” starring Melanie Griffith. This opened his eyes to history and economics. I was lucky to grow up among people, who meant something and wanted to change the world. My mom came from a family with a long history and traditions therefore she wanted to instill me the desire to rise above mediocrity. My dad, a co-founder of The Solidarity Movement and a social activist, taught me about perfectionism, being self – reliant and responsible for my actions. It was Łukasz’s dad and also a friend of Rector Pawłowski (they sat together in the Polish parliament after the first elections) that influenced his son to attend WSB-NLU instead of University of Economics. The time in Nowy Sącz instilled in him an ability to learn and a desire to compete and win. During his first year of studies he went to the United States to earn some money on a construction site and realized that it is much better to study than work physically.


After graduation I had an outline of my career due to being influenced by American business leaders and their books. I wanted to work for someone for a little while, save some money and later be able to start my own business. I was able to realize this plan in 100% – Łukasz says with a smile. – I started my first serious job working in marketing for a company called US Pharmacia, a leader in the Polish OTC market. This company is known to give the best pay to the best people. I felt the importance of colleagues that were more experienced, but once again (and not the last time) the “WSB spirit” helped me to find my place in a very competitive environment.


After nearly four years of corporate experience he and his business partner decided to start their own business. The company, known as Concept Publishing Polska (www.cppolska.com.pl), became an industry leader in Poland in terms of custom publishing and content marketing. It does more than 80 projects for several industry publications, works with more than 50 clients and had almost 30 million PLN turnover per year (2011). The company is engaged in preparing and implementing custom publishing in the form of magazines, newspapers, websites and web portals for biggest companies including Cyfrowy Polsat, Komfort, Inter Ikea, OBI, Inter Pharmacia, Hyundai, Iveco, Volvo and ING. Concept Publishing is divided into separate sub-brands, for example: Concept Interactive (www.conceptinteractive.pl) focusing on interactive projects and Concept Partner (www.conceptpartner.pl) dealing with advertising sales. Łukasz’s company won a prestigious Pearl Award in 2011 given by Customer Content Council in New York in the Best Foreign Project category. In 2012, he won two awards: one in the category of foreign design, the second one in strategy. Concept Publishing Polska was given the CHIMERA Award four times. Last year it became the only Polish member of the prestigious British organization called APA (Association of Publishing Agencies) as well as the British-Polish Chamber of Commerce.


Łukasz is the vice – president and owner of half of the shares of Concept Publishing Polska and is also responsible for the business development. He is involved in the development of existing business units as well as attracting new clients.


I make business plans all the time and I follow the principle that they are not everything. A successful business needs appropriate planning. I do that in both work and personal life because sometimes I can be chaotic. I do not want to sound too pathetic but recently I began what’s probably the most important project in my life – though according to the Project Management principle it is not a classic one – but rather a life adventure to which I prepared myself mentally and logistically. It is marriage and I believe that I will be significantly involved in this area. I also plan to take part in a marathon.