Mission impossible

There was an opinion circulating around WSB-NLU that he came to this world wearing a suit. Paweł was always elegant, refined and impeccably dressed. He possessed all qualities necessary to lead, inspire and encourage others to make a change. He left many vivid memories and fantastic events in the school and the so called Dyskotekowania.


Polish President awarded him the Bronze Cross of Merit due to his success. According to Paweł this happened because of the school. I learned how to talk to business people and communities right here, in WSB-NLU. I received my first practical business lessons in Nowy Sącz. We had to find funds to implement student ideas and because everything was still new we had many opportunities to make student’s life better.


After graduation he did an internship at PAIZ. The company presented him an offer to work there after one week and for the next three years he was successfully dealing with foreign investments, especially in the automotive industry. I started as a research specialist and finished as a Project Manager. I worked on some really big projects, some of them had a value of more than several hundred million euros – he says. Private entrepreneurs discovered his success and he was offered at job at a company called Roleski. In a short time, due to his business actions mustard, sauces and ketchups ended up in European and North American stores. It is easy to imagine how happy he felt when this project succeeded in Italy, a country known to love its tomato sauce and treat it as the essence of national cuisine. As a result he won the Export Leader Award three times and became the vice president of Roleski.


He made impossible happen at Ruch SA. Together with his colleagues from another management board he restructured one of the largest companies in Poland and brought it to the stock exchange. Normally this kind of operation takes two years – Paweł made it happen in 9 months. Later he focused on developing the company’s strategy, preparing and implementing organizational changes. Due to this IPO Ruch SA acquired 249 million PLN. As the President of MOGO he led to a merger with Bakalland SA and then as the president of AMC Business Consulting he organized and led various multimillion projects in Hungary, Russia and Thailand. He is currently responsible for IZNS SA and works there as the president connecting this company with ZPM Henryk Kania. He uses his extensive business experience as a member of many management boards.


Sometimes he spends more than 16 hours at work every day though he still had time to defend his doctoral thesis and lecture in Tarnów and Nowy Sącz. When asked about the key to achieving career satisfaction he says without hesitation that the most important thing is hard work and setting goals – nothing motivates better to work harder as achieving them and waiting for what’s on the horizon.