Sport and business

Sport has always been an important part of his life. Before his college entry exams Janusz Wójcik selected him for the Polish national football team. I declined because I wanted to study at WSB-NLU – he says.


Selecting this school was pretty simple. After coming back from holidays in London he realized that business majors would become important in the future. I come from Nowy Sącz therefore I had no problems in making decisions regarding my future education. After so many years I still believe that it was the right one because it is perfect for people who have broad minds – he says.


He found his new passion while studying. One of his friends was a race car driver. Once he went to applaud him during Cieszyńska Barbórka Race. At that moment he understood that this sport is special and very attractive. Immediately I began to learn how to obtain a racing license – he recalls. While still at the university he began to compete in the Polsat Rally Team. He admits that sometimes races were more important than classes. When I passed all my final exams, Prof. Kozina admitted that my departure from school would end a special era in the history of WSB-NLU.


He has been associated with this sport for the last 14 years. At current times Maciej is the most successful pilot in the history of Polish car racing. He became the Polish champion between 2004 – 2006 as well as world vice champion in 2009 – 2011. I try to combine experiences gained while racing with knowledge from WSB-NLU. I advise not only team sports players but also managers. Contrary to what people think, sport has a lot to do with business. During my training I learn how to cope with pressure and stress as well as achieve my goals. I am sure that thanks to skills acquired in Nowy Sącz I am better at what I do now even when it seems that science and sport come from two different worlds.