Moves heaven and earth

I am a Highlander of flesh and blood, I was born in Zakopane. Not in vain the Highlanders are seen as being obstinate and stubborn. Since childhood, I was an independent and autonomous person. This independence and freedom I value above all else the most. For years, in my professional life, I managed to crush the various walls that stood in my way and today I can firmly say: all the walls that I was supposed to crush – has been crushed!

The decisive factor in selection a school in Nowy Sacz was to gain practical knowledge in management and marketing. The period of study were primarily devoted to  studying and meetings with friends: Piotr Solecki, Gosia Trojan, Mirek Trzópek, Emilia Świerczek and Gosia Baranowska. Everything changed in 1998 when I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and undertook my first job in the Department of Management of WSB-NLU as an assistant. During the interview she can only remember one question: “Do you handle, teaching with colleagues from the bench?”. It turned out that she had to teach colleagues, who decided to pursue Master’s degree at WSB-NLU. The beginning was extremely difficult, and after years Anna still feels that this was her biggest challenge. He is currently an associate professor in the Department of Management. Thirteen years after her internship. Working on habilitation. He smiles at the thought that often she “moves heaven and earth” to put to the end whatever she takes in her life. In the introduction to her book Inventics… in 2004, she wrote: “… I devoted two years to the struggle for the meaning of existence of my inventics that I hope, I won – and I will win again.”

People who know me, know that if I go out the door with nothing, then come back window, to try again. I always think that if you do not try to do something, I would never be sure whether it was worth it. This was the case I have sent the book titled Intellectual Capital and the market value of the PAN-contest for the best monograph in the field of management. By sending this work I gave myself a chance and … won! Then a dream trip to Singapore to the workshops on auditing knowledge. Along the way, cycles away nationwide organization of scientific conferences, which take place each year in June, and whose effect is issued annually as  the reviewed monograph. In 2011 took place on the 10th anniversary meeting.

Nothing motivates me more to work to tight deadlines. Everything I like to plan: the first child, home construction, Ph.D. … occurred at one time in my life and … I was so organized. Marysia was born in April 2006, the Ph.D. program at SGH opened in March 2006, home construction started in July 2006 and taking into account the fact that I like to have everything under control, it was a real challenge. Then I felt great!

There is nothing more precious to me than positive words and opinions of students who see my commitment, professionalism and passion in what I do. The greatest value in my working life is freedom and independence, which my work guarantees me in excess. I love my job!

Anna’s dream is to publish scientific articles on JCR list, issue the following books, organizing conferences, await the 30th anniversary of working as a professor, bringing up new generations of young scientists. Moreover, thinking about leaving the family for a Fulbright scholarship to the USA. Since the end of 2011 she is the Editor-in-Chef of  the “Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Innovation” (, which she intends to give it a numbering in Poland and worldwide position. During the evaluation process is an international project of a research consortium connected with five countries under the leadership of Reykjavik University in Iceland, where Anna is a member. In her plans are also to run WiP’s platform to be one of the top platform of its kind in the world, and then … it’s just traveling the world!