One of the thirty

A renowned bi-monthly magazine called Maleman posted an article titled “30 people in their thirties”. Its subtitle: “These people will rule” says it all. Editors chose 30 interesting and extremely talented individuals who are believed to change the world. Michał Wilczek is among them. He won the Sukuma Millenium Award supporting UN Millennium Development Goals. A movie was shot based on his screenplay and under his guidance depicting the work and wage differences of people in two different “worlds”: Europe and India.


This year, Michał won the prestigious photo contest called “Roll Royce – Rankin Spirit of Ecstasy”. Its participants, photographers from around the world, had to interpret Rolls – Royce’s legendary symbol. Michał’s interpretation referring to “the benevolent little goddess” was chosen as the best one by Rankin, world – renowned photographer.


Film and photography were always a part of his  life. I have seen VHS tape copies of “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” many times up to the moment that my video player broke – he recalls. – My mom’s education and passion for theatre allowed me to access lots of information about film and theatre. My dad ran a small photo studio in the 1990′s and that was an added advantage. Capturing everything my friends and family did fascinated me so I recorded everything on camera since an early age. I often secretly used my dad’s Sony Hi8 camera and taped my friend’s at school.


During high school he took part in the Rotary International Scholarship Program and went to Houston Space Center in 2003. He had many opportunities to have fun with friends but also learned basics of creating an image using negatives. He completed a one-year long course in photography, using darkrooms, developing photos, editing and creative thinking. This gave him an excellent basis for his future work. He passed his high school exams and came back to Poland. WSB-NLU appeared on his horizon with its great study possibilities, English track and… mountains. He is thankful to the school for his wonderful friends, excellent educational facilities and being able to bring SFP, a students organization, to life. He and his friends dealt with photo and video exhibitions and charity work. Among all my study achievements – he says – is the Youth Society Scholarship, working for the marketing department of WSB-NLU under Przemek Remi’s guidance, working for Multimedia City, obtaining rector’s as well as Ministry of Education’s scholarships, creating a great number of film productions for school and Multimedia City as well as producing a Charity Calendar of Female Students of WSB-NLU.


He worked as a waiter in the Chicago Stock Exchange cafe and as an English teacher in China. In 2008, he became a part of Symetria – a creative agency where he works as director of photo and video production and post production. Michał’s hobby turned into a job thanks to Sebastian Młodziński’s ideas with whom he worked in a photography studio in Nowy Sącz. Last year the company moved to Cracow. He is working there with his friends from WSB-NLU: Piotr Gawiński as well as with his significant other, Ewa Hałabura.


I am motivated by believing in positive things – he admits – and in people who have a positive approach to life and create unique things as well as inspire others to change the world. I find it fascinating that every day I have a chance to create different projects that can bring joy to others.


Even though he likes the concept of current times, he already started thinking about his first full – length movie, traveling with friends from school, planting a tree and building a house. Each day brings me an inspiration to create something new, so I never know what kind of ideas will come to my mind. The world of comic books and computer games triggers my imagination and makes me discover unknown universe and save it – and if I fail to do so I can always try again.