Just an ordinary boy from Galicia – a hardworking believer.

Krzysztof is responsible for Multimedia City in Nowy Sącz. He acts at the Chairman of the Board and Project Director. While he was in primary school, he dreamed about something new – he liked the job of a truck driver, because it was associated with traveling freely around Europe. But he changed his opinion about this profession, started studying in a high school focused on IT and languages and later on got his degree at WSB-NLU. He obtained his diploma in management and marketing, specializing in Media Management, a program that was unique at that time in Poland. Studies allowed him to discover, that there is something like project management. He quickly became convinced that these projects provide a lot of positive emotions, because they are tied to new, unique and often very complex matters.


He always tried to take an active part in WSB-NLU. This created many different opportunities for him. Due to a promotional trip organized by the school he was able to get in touch with a German bank called HypoVereinsbank. He also wanted to do an internship there. Unexpectedly, after his third year of college he received an attractive offer to work in the Polish branch of this bank in Warsaw. As a result he started his professional career.


During the next 8 years, he focused on project management, both in the corporate banking and risk management departments. After another merger with Bank Pekao he ended is career in banking when the bank was selling the so called “bad credit loans” of 1.5 billion PLN, which is probably the largest transaction of its kind in Poland.


In May 2007, WSB-NLU appointed Multimedia City as a spin-off company. Krzysztof gave up banking and returned to Nowy Sącz in order to implement a project known as MMC Brainville Technology Park – a complex, ambitious (some would say unrealistic) and exciting project.


In retrospect I can see – says Krzysztof – that “small-town decency” that I carried from home and school in Muszyna, allowed me to keep what I consider to be the most important life values. Although I sometimes felt defeated because of this in the business life – because careerism was at odds with my values – the long term “loss” turned out to be an investment that multiplied its benefits. I realized that we need to choose our leaders based on their life values. This as a result will allow a team to work under the same culture.


He is an optimist characterized by emotional intelligence. Krzysztof believes in the driving force of positive emotions and the help of God in doing things that have to contribute multiplying what’s good out there.


Family is my passion – he admits with a smile – when you invest time in it, then it will bring you unlimited results. Besides, I like skiing and mountain biking – usually family oriented.


There is an anecdote circulating about him: one month after he decided to stop working in the banking industry, Lehman Brothers bank collapsed, and that began a two-year crisis in the financial sector – some say that this is not a coincidence…