Getting lost, finding a way and a constantly searching for a meaning!

“Ah, to be able to throw my brain to pieces and to know how to put them back together”. Juliusz Osterwa


He was in economic high school, but was drawn to art: Krystian performed in theatre-cabaret group and successfully participated in countless recitation competitions. After graduating from high school he applied to the Faculty of Economic Sciences at Warsaw University… and to the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Krakow. It was at that time when he remembered a conversation with a student from SGH. That man was surprised, why I came to Warsaw, since I have a great school just around the corner. So, while being in the capital, this is how I learned about the value of my future school being born only 20 kilometers from it.


Krystian associates studying at WSB-NLU with excellent relationships between professors and students. There was a great personal atmosphere and it inspired to search for answers, develop own’s personality and life skills. When the Department of Political Studies was created, Krystian was the first person to study for two degrees at the same times: management and political science. At one point he had to take 19 exams in an exam session.


He is known at WSB-NLU for performances carried out by Students Arts Group, theatre and cabaret group called “Spleen” and especially during the performance of WSB Jazz Cafe or WSB Love Cafe. These programs tied music, dancing, singing and recitation together. His friends also remember his remarkable focus during lectures given by Prof. Miłowit Kuniński. Krystian was so absorbed by this philosophy class that he did not even flinch when accidentally being struck by someone tossing him the keys.


Management and Political Science? Krystian felt that this role was not written for him. Although studies brought me satisfaction, I felt inner restlessness – he says. – Probably it was the pressure for an unrealized dream that told me to look for another path. There was a belief that I need to follow in another direction and this is what led to my current state of affairs.

I will be soon graduating from PWST in Cracow and just submitted my master’s thesis (I wrote about truth on stage) and I am looking forward for the date of defending it. He participated in final thesis theater play called Babel 2, directed by Maja Kleczewska and it received a special jury prize for best performance at the XXIX Festival of Acting Schools in Łódz. This play was also presented during the Warsaw Theatre Meetings, Festival of Theatre Debutants “First Countact” in Toruń and also during the international theatre festival called “Divine Comedy” in Cracow.


The first step towards making theatre dreams come true was achieved.


I have a lot to do to make my career successful - Krystian adds modestly – but the pursuit of happiness and making everything a reality paves a way to the choices I make. My passion and hobby are studying how to be a better actor and trying to read the human mind and its relationships and forming them into stage symbols.


Currently he has two goals: to thank the beloved ones for their patience and understanding, and… to play for the best directors.