How to get a job on the baseball court?

One of his plans was to attend The Academy of Physical Education (AWF) after graduating from vocational school. Volleyball is my passion. I have been playing for Płomień Milowice – the only Polish team, which won the European Cup. But, I have changed my mind and chosen economics – he said. First of all, he wanted to enroll into the Academy of Economics in Katowice then onto AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków. At that point a special issue of Wprost Magazine, describing a ranking of best universities in the country, came into my hands. WSB-NLU was in the first place – he recollects. As fast as he could, he took back his documents from Kraków and brought them to Nowy Sącz. The most important lesson he has learnt happened even before he started his studies. At that time, the courses and study plans were different based on the knowledge of English language. I have studied this language for only half a year, but I took the risk and I made it. My friends, who had a better command of English language, were very afraid of the exams and as a consequence I was faster to receive my Bachelor degree. I have learned that it is worth to take risks, because if you do, then you can gain a lot – he says.

After classes, he focused on gaining knowledge about the practical sides of business. He collaborated with his friend Marcin Łaskawski and opened a coffee house called “Bar u Bolka i Lolka”. Grzegorz was known as Bolek, because of his height, and his friend had personal characteristics that made him look like Lolek.

While studying he never said no to volleyball. The results of playing it were more than he could think of. During one of the games, my friend asked is he could bring his female friend, also a student at WSB-NLU, to the game. And this is how I met my wife Agata – he recalls. He also found a job on the volleyball court. After I finished my studies I moved to Warsaw and received two serious job offers. I did not take the first one (working as an assistant to the CEO of PKN Orlen), because the pay was not enough to make a living in the capital. Later on, I had an interview for Shell for the position of The Loyalty Project Smart Coordinator. I was just about to start my job, when I received a phone call saying they already found another person – he said. Wanting to do something with his free time, he started to attend volleyball trainings. This is how he met half of the amateur team of Citibank. After a game, one of my teammates asked me, where I work and about my studies. He advised me to call his friend right away, because he was looking for someone like me – he mentioned.

And this is how he ended up working in the financial industry for the last 11 years. The most important moment was changing his job from Citi to HSBC. There, for three years, he learned more than during his previous 7 years of employment. This was the most dynamic time in my professional career. I have met many wonderful managers with a long work experience. When they stopped offering retail banking in HSBC, he was at the crossroads – what’s next? Another coincidence helped him to receive an invitation for a meeting from a small airline company. And it happened: the airline industry became his most important focus. I have learned new things every day since I started working in this industry – he said. – I know how fascinating flying can be. But is as fascinating to focus on it for the next 10 years? Time will show. I met many fascinating people, full of passion and openness to the world. This is why I prefer to work for a smaller company then to be employed in a corporation.

As a big fan of volleyball he won a lot: during a match he met his wife and received job offers. This sport has also been close to him on a family level: his four daughters are growing up surrounded by volleyball equipment and taking part in games. The oldest one, 15 year old Nadia, is the best teammate in her age group in the country, and 10 year old Julka is also progressing in a wonderful way. I do hope that my youngest ones, Maja and Marysia, will love this sport as much as I do.